Clare Bridge

The bridge belonging to my college is one of my favourite places in Cambridge. It's the oldest bridge on the River Cam, dating from when the other bridges leading into the city were destroyed during the English Civil War. It features in enough University publications to make you believe it's the principal means of traffic... Continue Reading →


Oh, is the water sweet and cool,Gentle and brown, above the pool?And laughs the immortal river stillUnder the mill, under the mill?Say, is there Beauty yet to find?And Certainty? and Quiet kind?Deep meadows yet, for to forgetThe lies, and truths, and pain? . . . oh! yetStands the Church clock at ten to three?And is... Continue Reading →

Cambridge, 2013.

I've lived in Cambridge on and off for four years now, but it features surprisingly little on my blog. This post marks the start of a new series in which I hope to share some vignettes of life in what is, I believe, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. April 2013. A... Continue Reading →

Travelling solo: Rouen

Rouen. A name that you might recognise, but which you might not be able to locate on a map. ("It's somewhere in the north of France, isn't it?") For me, Rouen is the hallowed place where nineteenth century writer Gustave Flaubert was born. I wrote a project on two of his works last year -... Continue Reading →


Esos días me echan de menos. Baking August heat where you couldn't bear to walk the streets without a bottle of water in hand. The long, lazy evenings in the warm Spanish sunshine, cold beer in one hand and potato tortilla in the other. Days in Retiro Park as the leaves were turning from green... Continue Reading →

Notes from social isolation

Fourteen days at home, unlike any I could have ever imagined. And yet in some ways, they feel relatively normal; I had been planning to come home for the Easter holidays, anyway, so I am currently in holiday mode. The only difference is that my favourite holiday activity - having coffee and cake with friends... Continue Reading →

Meaning more than Mother’s Day

Ellie Loxton brings us some reflections on Mother's Day, celebrated in the UK on 22nd March, but deserving celebration each and every day of our lives. Mum was my first country. The first place I visited, the first land I explored. My first home.  As I look ahead to finding a job and moving away... Continue Reading →

What Ellie ate in February…

Ellie revisits a few of her favourite foodie moments from the past month, dragging us away from February dreariness and into a culinary rêverie that will brighten even the darkest of days... The famous Wetherspoon tart With my taste buds thoroughly tantalised after reading Emma’s wonderful ‘What I Ate in...’ posts, I couldn’t resist writing... Continue Reading →


The beach at Portrush, Northern Ireland Every holiday, I like to head to the sea. I say 'sea' rather than 'seaside' or 'beach' because somehow those two words don't seem to fit with my experience of the sea. They conjure up images of golden sand and turquoise waters, blistering heat and the smell of suncream.... Continue Reading →

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